About us

About us

The Draugystės Sanatorija is an exceptional sanatorium with a long-standing tradition of offering treatments, rehabilitation and spa procedure programmes. Their mineral salty baths from the deepest and saltiest borehole in Druskininkai, therapeutic mud, and herbal and other health and beauty treatments are particularly valuable and effective. We offer wellness programmes for our guests: Individual Treatment Complex, All-Inclusive Treatment, 7-day Weight Management and Slimming, Stress Reduction, Treatment of Skin Diseases and 2–3-day Weekend Rest programmes are among the wellness treatments available to our visitors.

During the season, the Central Building has an outdoor swimming pool with waterfalls, a solarium and an outdoor tennis court.

In 2022, the Draugystės Sanatorija underwent a major renovation with the construction of a new Mineral SPA Draugystė treatment and spa complex. A completely new, elegant spa area with a huge swimming pool, jacuzzi, vertical baths and saunas has been erected in the park, on the banks of the Nemunas River, for those who value comfort and quality of service.

The mineral baths section receives the water with the greatest mineralisation from the deep borehole, allowing it to provide salty, pearly carbonic acid, herbs, turpentine, ozone baths and therapeutic mud. Salty baths (58 grammes of minerals per litre) are particularly beneficial in the treatment of skin and musculoskeletal problems.

The inside of the spa blends in with the colours of the surrounding landscape, producing a sense of cosiness and spaciousness. There are rooms for therapeutic and Ayurvedic massages, as well as physiotherapy, kinesiotherapy, aromatherapy and relaxation, salt halotherapy, beauty care and cosmetics.

Medical specialists will monitor your health 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including remote and personal medical consultations.

In the same building, spacious, modern, Scandinavian-designed rooms for accommodation and internet access ensure undisturbed rest.

Mūza café or Violeta restaurant serve three-course, diversified, vegetable-rich buffet-style meals. Their menu includes freshly baked bread, pastries and other confectionery, delicious à la carte lunches, herbal teas, natural mineral water and wine options.

Every aspect has been considered so that when you enter Mineral SPA Draugystė, all your problems are left outside. Everything here is for your health, relaxation and beauty!

You are welcome to come and enjoy!